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Bebo joins forces with Social Network Agora

Bebo today unveiled its plans to join forces with Poland's leading media company Agora to deliver a content rich social networking experience to the polish online audience.

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This exclusive partnership will help to grow and extend Bebo's user base and will draw on Agora's extensive reach and influence in Poland. Under the agreement Agora will sell the majority of Bebo's display advertising in Poland, allowing Bebo to benefit from its insights and advanced audience targeting services to reach consumers with more relevant marketing messages.

This announcement follows on from Bebo's recent launch of Open Media which will allow Polish users to explore, store and curate within their personal profiles their favourite global video content; and virally distribute that content throughout their 'friends network' and the wider Bebo community.

According to Joanna Shields, President, Bebo: "The spectrum of social networking is evolving beyond utilities and applications. Bebo is a 'Social Media Network' where culture and content come together and people use media and entertainment as a means of self-expression.

Our partnership with Agora allows us to draw on their industry leading position in Poland and bring the richness of the media and entertainment world to a growing community of Polish Bebo users."

Tomasz Jzefacki, Director of Agora's Internet Division says: "Our cooperation with Bebo is a very important event. Today we are combining Agora's solid position in online communities in Poland with Bebo's global experience and know-how. We want our joint service to become a leader in the Polish social networking area. Our clients will receive innovative formats to target the audiences which are difficult to reach by traditional media."

Agora and Bebo will begin to roll out the initiatives outlined in the agreement during the 1st quarter of 2008.

The site is available to users at http://www.bebo.gazeta.pl

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