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UpComing Search Stories – Sat Firms and Reputation Management

UpComing Search Stories – Sat Firms and Reputation Management

The headlines that are making the news today are -

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Sats exams firm should have been Googled. Growing Reputation Management awareness Contact us for details on managing yours http://ow.ly/6qX

YouTube homepage goes HD! http://ow.ly/6r4

Gates Foundation to spend more this year - $3.8 billion To Be Spent Well Done Bill, There are no pockets in shrouds. #gates http://ow.ly/6r6

Lil' Wayne to perform new single live on Facebook. Moving in on MySpace territory? Anyone know who this Lil' Wayne chap is? http://ow.ly/6r5

What Will Davos Bring This Year? - Not the Baldy baddie in Doctor Who.

Yahoo! Profits Likely Down, More Layoffs Possible - Display advertising accounts for about half of Yahoo!'s net revenues http://ow.ly/6r8

New Yahoo CEO freezes employee salaries - Carol Bartz shows her metal - #yahoo http://ow.ly/6ra

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