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Headlines in Search; Google Unveils Android handset, Yahoo & Chickens

Headlines in Search; Google Unveils Android handset, Yahoo & Chickens

The headlines today in search marketing are as follows -

General Mobile unveils DSTL1 Android handset - Slick looking beast http://ow.ly/6Pe

Facebook removes a group looking to hire a gunman to assassinate Bolivian president Evo Morales. 8000 members signed up http://ow.ly/6PA

Google Content Network takes money from rivals as traffic grows by 300% - How Yahoo lost the content game http://ow.ly/6Pf

Yahoo reports loss - reports a 4-quarter loss of $303 million. Lot of Yahoo's business is display and that grew at 18%. http://ow.ly/6Ph

Carol Bartz wont "feed Yahoo to the chickens" - Its like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall battle with Tesco! http://ow.ly/6Pk

Cloud computing set to be the ultimate recession technology - Ultimate pull story - recession, Google and new technology http://ow.ly/6Pm

New iPhone SDK (for OS 2.2.1) Available - Free Download - New Fart API Installed http://ow.ly/6Ps

Apple Releases iPhone OS 2.2.1 - Blackberry users beware http://ow.ly/6Pu

Developers miffed over Apple’s AppStore Attitude! - More disconcern from App Store developers http://ow.ly/6Po

Number of adults using social networks quadrupled since 2005 - Thought this would have been higher; Zombies X 4 http://ow.ly/6Pw

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