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Search Marketing: Adwords New Interface, Superbowl Ads and the Barclays Waterslide

Search Marketing: Adwords New Interface, Superbowl Ads and the Barclays Waterslide

The headlines today in search marketing from our Twitter feed are as follows

The 7 biggest e-commerce mistakes e-marketing teams and businesses...Mistake #2 "What should I actually change on my site?" http://ow.ly/7G7

The 7 biggest e-commerce mistakes e-marketing teams and business owners often make: Mistake #1 "Measure twice and cut once" http://ow.ly/7FP

Amazon unveils strong festive profits figures backing up previous data saying online retail sector still very strong. http://ow.ly/7EL

UK Government push for broadband in every home by 2012. Definitely top of everyone's list of things they want them to do. http://ow.ly/7EK

US military data found on a second hand mp3 player in NZ (nice to know it's not just the UK home office that does this) http://ow.ly/7EJ

Barclays use YouTube for their "make your own Barclays Waterslide" competition http://ow.ly/7EH

The social media world gears up for Superbowl XLIII http://ow.ly/7DE

Google hit back at claims the Google Earth is a terrorist tool...never mind that. Get Liverpool on Street Maps asap chaps! http://ow.ly/7DD

MySpace fights Yahoo and MSN for ad cash - MySpace gives up Social Network fight with Facebook; strange move in my opinion http://ow.ly/7Dj

President Obama get's a new "Blackberry" back. Blackberry One! http://ow.ly/7DC

YouTube Makes Annotating Videos Easier - Google looking to tag video data #Youtube http://ow.ly/7Dd

Official Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots Leak - real or fake? #Window mobile http://ow.ly/7Dc

Google AdWords Tests Out New Interface - I dont like it take it away! #google #adwords http://ow.ly/7Db

Here We Go Again - Dell Android Rumors Resurface - #Google Andriod #G1 http://ow.ly/7Da

Chrome pretends its Safari to hoodwink Hotmail - Cloaking anyone? #google http://ow.ly/7D6

DreamWorks and PepsiCo to launch 3D Superbowl ads - Coming at ya! #Superbowl adverts http://ow.ly/7pn

NBC Fills All Superbowl Advert Slopts - In Your Face Credit Crucning Reccession. http://ow.ly/7pm

UFC 100 Date And Location Confirmed - Get stuck in http://ow.ly/7p1

Yahoo! Rebranded "Yahoo! En Espanol" - Ole http://ow.ly/7oR

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