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MediaBank Integrates with Google TV Adverts

MediaBank Integrates with Google TV Adverts

MediaBank, a leading provider of technology solutions designed to help better manage the end-to-end media buying process, today announced an expanded data integration with the Google TV Ads platform.

This collaboration gives MediaBank users direct access to Google TV Ads, allowing them to view response metrics and optimize their campaigns in order to increase return on investment, all while using the same system on which they purchase all other media.

"MediaBank's commitment to connectivity with the entire ecosystem of media buying and planning tools is again proving to be a key differentiator," said Brad Keywell, co-founder of MediaBank. "Our integration with Google TV Ads not only advances the adoption of its digital platform, but improves the ability to analyze programs, which is more important than ever. As advertisers increasingly demand more precise metrics, this integration will help MediaBank clients make better business decisions."

Google's TV Ads platform can report second-by-second data from millions of anonymized set-top-boxes, allowing advertisers to measure viewership of their ads more precisely than ever before. With this data, advertisers can better understand what consumers are responding to and make real-time adjustments to their campaigns to maximize the return on their TV ad investments. Google's digital platform also makes it easier for advertisers to find relevant programming through its keyword search functionality.

"From the beginning, MediaBank's open architecture was designed so that as advertisers' needs evolve, our system can accommodate change and continue to provide superior analytics," said Gordon Cohen, senior vice president of technology of MediaBank.

"We've positioned ourselves for the future as the only system in the industry that allows for seamless integration of multiple data sources through an open architecture. As the media industry continues to innovate, MediaBank will continue to be a leader in progressive workflow solutions that connect with the best that each media type has to offer."

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