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Top twenty UK SEO searches on the December 2nd

Top twenty UK SEO searches on the December 2nd

AOL UK today announced its "Hot Searches" results; most popular moving Internet search results that occur on the AOL search engine.

Top twenty hot SEO searches on the December the 2nd, 2007 are as follows:

1) Christmas gifts
- Don't leave it too late
2) Spice Girls
- Kick off world tour
3) Christopher Biggins
- Jungle king
4) Jose Mourinho
- Is he heading for England job? -
5) New Year's Eve
Making plans already
6) Gillian Gibbons
- Teddy Bear Teacher released in Sudan
7) American Gangster
- Gripping gangster flick
8) Kaka Voted
- FIFA Player of the Year
9) Evel Knievel
- Motorbike daredevil dies
10) Muttiah Muralitharan
- Test wicket record

Top movie searches for w/e December 2nd

1) Beowulf
2) American Gangster
3) Hairspray
4) IMDb
5) Harry Potter

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