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iPhone Credit Card Processing

iPhone Credit Card Processing

Apple had no idea when it launched its iPhone that it would be releasing about 5 million mobile credit card terminals into the hands of business owners. That's exactly what Apple did. The sleek phone has been turned into a mobile credit card processing device, thanks to an impressive little application called ProcessAway.

The software is made for an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and works over any available network connection. Transactions can be processed at places such as conventions, street fairs, antique shows, and by business owners performing mobile detailing, on-site consultation or construction.

The list is endless on who could benefit by offering the convenience of accepting credit cards on the spot and the confidence of getting immediate authorization for a credit card payment.

Business owners can use their iPhone to conduct real business. The ProcessAway software utilizes the Authorize.net gateway. Authorize.net was one of the very first Internet payment gateways and today they have one of the largest customer bases. They are continually releasing new and innovative tools to make their payment gateway even more powerful. The Authorize.net API is what fueled the development of ProcessAway and allows the millions of iPhone (and iTouch) users to turn their device into a credit card terminal.

The business owner is not limited to mobile transactions through their device. The Authorize.net merchant account used with ProcessAway includes an option to download transactions into Quickbooks and also a comprehensive Virtual Terminal. This gives business owners the benefit of processing transactions out of the office with ProcessAway and in the office through the web-based Virtual Terminal, all with a single account. Even though the Virtual Terminal is available, ProcessAway was designed as a stand-alone comprehensive processing solution that can be used effectively in any environment.

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