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HitSearch Search News – Google Privacy, Facebook Mobile and BEBO to sell?

HitSearch Search News – Google Privacy, Facebook Mobile and BEBO to sell?

The headlines today in search marketing from our Twitter feed are as follows

Google trial privacy - Big Troubles for Google / Youtube #google #youtube http://ow.ly/947

Google lands in Italian court over privacy breach - Google executives could be banged up for 36 months! http://ow.ly/93z

Google gather geeks for grown-up space camp - There was this one time at space camp... http://ow.ly/93A

Firefox 3.1 beta 3 delayed - Geeks put cake back on box http://ow.ly/93B

Dell and Acer: Smartphone makers? - Multiple handsets be revealed? More players in the market #mobile http://ow.ly/93I

Google Updates Firefox Toolbar with Personalised Tab Page - thumbnails of my favorite sites just what I wanted! http://ow.ly/93D

Facebook Announces New Mobile Opportunity - Chat To Text to play on Facebook huge mobile following #facebook http://ow.ly/93K

AOL wants to Sell BEBO - just 1 year after buying. Bebo Co-Founder says AOL Sale Would Be ‘Mildly Disappointing’ http://ow.ly/943

Britain's biggest runaway snowball and the fool who tried to ride it - What London Workers got up to yesterday. http://ow.ly/944

'Android Will Bring Open Handsets to Japan,' Google Says - Japan market becoming interesting battle ground http://ow.ly/93E

Significant Android Update Rolling Out to G1 Users, Includes Google Voice Search. - #Google #Andriod http://ow.ly/93F

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