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HitSearch News – Ask.com, Google Latitude Security Fears and Facebook Poking

HitSearch News – Ask.com, Google Latitude Security Fears and Facebook Poking

The headlines today in search marketing from our Twitter feed are as follows

Why I'm finished with social media - Journalist makes stupid statement - Should read "Print journalist scared of online" http://ow.ly/9Fw

The Google Bus launched in Tamil Nadu will go to 15 cities in India http://ow.ly/9Js

ASK.com Search results will be vetted for malware using Norton 360 http://ow.ly/9Fm

Facebook clocks fifth birthday - Five years of poking. #social media #facebook http://ow.ly/9Fp

Yahoo! getting ready for advertisement spend improvement - #Yahoo http://ow.ly/9Fo

"Google releases spy application" - Strange response to Google Latitude; its an opt-in system #Google Latitude http://ow.ly/9JM

Google Hosts Doodle Contest - Google launches its 4th doodles contest to find special "dressed-up" logos #doodle #google http://ow.ly/9JY

Facebook poke leads to divorce - too many jokes... http://ow.ly/9Fx

Exclusive Look at Facebook's Main Data Center - Interesting slideshow http://ow.ly/9Fz

MySpace Turns Over 90000 Names of Registered Sex Offenders http://ow.ly/9FA

MySpace lures more Brits to an Australian working holiday http://ow.ly/9FD

Osama Bin Laden Applies For Job via YouTube video #youtube http://ow.ly/9FF

Google Accidently Knocks New Zealand From The World #google maps http://ow.ly/9JA

Italian Court Delays Google Case - Google executives face Milan trial delay http://ow.ly/9K2

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