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Yahoo rolls out "Search Pad"

Yahoo rolls out "Search Pad"

A post on Search Engine Land highlights the rolling out of Yahoo's new Search Pad facility.

It is a new tool that can be utilised by users to annotate their search results to help them with future searches and research. It is aimed at providing extra funcitonality to search results pages allowing users to store, recall and email their notes and bookmarks and thus providing a more interactive search process.

It follows on from similar functions installed in the Google search results (Ie Notes and the SearchWiki functions). It establishes a new move towards making the search results listings a more two way system and will certainly cause interest in Search Engine Optimisation circles.

Whether people will take to these new annotation systems remains to be seen but it's clear that the search engines are turning to their users as part of their attempts to offer the right search results to the right person. If nothing else they provide the users with more functionality at their disposal and that certainly can't be a bad thing.

As Yahoo users go through to various sites, Search Pad records the sites visited, (and stores a thumbnail images for each sites). Also if users store text from sites in their Search Pad Yahoo automatically locates the page and URL where that text appears thus making it a useful research aid.

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