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Search Engine News – Searchme Makes Searching More Visual

Search Engine News – Searchme Makes Searching More Visual

New Search Engine on the block Searchme.com has launched Searchme News, a feature that crawls major news sites and popular news blogs to give users fast, relevant search results using Searchme's unique visual search format. With Searchme News, people can search, find and share important content on current events quickly and easily.

Instead of traditional list-based search results, Searchme News delivers a slick visual format showing actual images of Web pages. Searchme users can flip through this browsable set of Web pages, similar to paging through a magazine.

Users can then click right into the page they want, organize their results into "stacks" of pages to be saved or easily shared via email or adding to a blog or popular social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

For example, a user searching for an update on the conflict in Gaza would get a set of relevant pages from news sources all over the Web featuring timely coverage of the events in the Middle East. Flipping through these pages, users instantly see whether they include static print content, images or video.

"The Web is increasingly becoming the go-to resource for people looking for news on the world around them," said Randy Adams, CEO of Searchme. "Whether they're seeking video footage, photos or print coverage, Searchme News gives people fast, relevant results in a totally unique and very dynamic way. Our visual search technology lets people find what they want and make it more useful - whether that's saving the information or sharing it with friends."

Posted By Andrew Redfern

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