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HitSearch News – Mobile World Congress, Sourcetool and Yahoo Strategies

HitSearch News – Mobile World Congress, Sourcetool and Yahoo Strategies

A busy day in the word of online marketing, whcih sees Google face yet more legal battles, Yahoo setting its sights on emerging marketing. Its all in todays Twitter feed and it reads as follows -

TradeComet.com Files litigation against Google - Because PPC prices increase with the introduction of Adwords Quality Score http://ow.ly/jYs

Mobile World Congress - Apple made to watch out for smartphone challengers. #Mobile World Congress http://ow.ly/jE9

Yahoo signs content pact with International Cricket Council - Yahoo develop content strategy in developing markets #Yahoo http://ow.ly/jYG

Google wins Street View privacy suit - Google's Street View said to have caused "mental suffering" and diluted home value http://ow.ly/jYh

Mobile World Congress - Samsung's solar-powered phone - The Heat is on! http://ow.ly/jEh

Mobile World Congress - Cell Phones Worldwide Reunite Using the Same Type of Charger. Finally standards we can enjoy! http://ow.ly/jE3

Mobile World Congress - Sony Ericsson links new camera phone with online services - support for YouTube, Flickr and Picasa http://ow.ly/jE1

Mobile World Congress - 2009 Mobile Innovation Global Award Competition. #mobile http://ow.ly/jDW

Mobile World Congress - Nokia to Offer Skype-Equipped Phones - #Nokia #skype http://ow.ly/jDF

Q&A with Microsoft on the New My Phone Services for Windows Mobile Phones #microsoft http://ow.ly/jkr

Sourcetool says Google violated US antitrust laws - #google http://ow.ly/jDo

Toshiba announces iPhone Challenger - Another Tosh Enters The Market #mobile #cell phone http://ow.ly/jkl

Adobe's Flash Lite surges but not on the Apple Iphone - 1 billion phones by Flash Lite proo by end of March #flashlite http://ow.ly/jkh

Yahoo and MySpace Tailor Their Services for Mobile Users - Right time or jumped the shark? http://ow.ly/jk8

MobiTV reaches six million subscribers - Points to increased mobile television adoption #mobile tv #mobile http://ow.ly/jk6

Yahoo offers iPhone-like Web for masses - Yahoo delivering iPhone-like experience without the iPhone. Errr! http://ow.ly/jkA

Apple sued over iPhone technology - illegal patented touch screen technology they say.... #Apple #iphone http://ow.ly/jk4

Googles newest Android prepares to battle Apple - Google Swanky handset seems to be getting people excited #Google #Andriod http://ow.ly/jjI

Yahoo beats Google in enterprise web analytics battle - Indextools comes through for Yahoo! http://ow.ly/jga

Bebo Suggests Slang Words for New Collins Dictionary - Basic's Innit Flow #Bebo #Language #social media #Dictionary http://ow.ly/jaZ

Reviewing Yahoo! Mobile - #mobile #yahoo http://ow.ly/jaB

Pictures of the new Google gPhone! More must-have gadgetry!!!! http://ow.ly/j16

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