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HitSearch News – Google Earth, Pakistan and the CIA, Yahoo Cricket Deal and Google Tracks

HitSearch News – Google Earth, Pakistan and the CIA, Yahoo Cricket Deal and Google Tracks

Yesterday was another busy day in the world of search marketing which saw Google Earth reveal secret details in Pakistan, Google being bashed in the law courts from a number of differ net angles and Android starting to make real waves in the mobile world. Its all in todays Twitter feed and it reads as follows -

Headline surely to be in the newspapers by the end of the month - "Is Twitter The New Football?"

Google Earth reveals US base in Pakistan using airbase for drones - Image now removed; major security incident #pakistan http://ow.ly/kKv

Google Unveils My Tracks - track outdoor activities through GPS then pushed stats to Google docs. Joined up thinking http://ow.ly/kKe

Sourcetool says Google violated US antitrust laws - After a spate of legal challenges.. Are Google becoming an increasing target?

We have an interview with a TV network To discuss Internet Video Player's and the growing impact. If you have any questions drop me a tweet!

Guitar Hero coming to Google Android - T-Mobile G1 can play Guitar Hero. Shows Google clsong some big content deals #google http://ow.ly/kho

RT @mattcutts: search engine geek?, you'll want to read about Jeff Dean's talk: http://bit.ly/Hf4dq = Google language independant search

Nokia Takes Environmental Contribution Prize @ Mobile World Congress http://ow.ly/k0n

Yahoo signs content pact with International Cricket Council - Yahoo develop content strategy in developing markets #Yahoo http://ow.ly/jYG

HitSearch News - Mobile World Congress, Sourcetool and Yahoo Strategies #marketing #mobile #advertising #google http://ow.ly/k1b

Mobile World Congress - Apple made to watch out for smartphone challengers. #Mobile World Congress http://ow.ly/jE9

TradeComet.com Files litigation against Google - Because PPC prices increase with the introduction of Adwords Quality Score http://ow.ly/jYs

Google wins Street View privacy suit - Google's Street View said to have caused "mental suffering" and diluted home value http://ow.ly/jYh

Mobile World Congress - Samsung's solar-powered phone - The Heat is on! http://ow.ly/jEh

Posted by Andrew Redfern

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