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HitSearch News – Google Ocean Find Atlantis, Britons online stalking & Chris Brown Facebook

HitSearch News – Google Ocean Find Atlantis, Britons online stalking & Chris Brown Facebook

Yesterday was another busy day in the world of search marketing which saw Google Ocean "find" the lost city of Atlantis, A recent study announced the dangers of social media and content partnership for the BBC. Its all in todays Twitter feed and it reads as follows -

Pictures of Atlantis - Taken by Google Ocean - Truly Outstanding #Google #Ocean #Atlantis http://ow.ly/mPf

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft All Show Search Gains - The Comeback Is On People http://ow.ly/mP6

Google shareholders lose the love - Shareholder "I don't have as good a feeling as I did before about the company". http://ow.ly/mPc

Google Ocean Finds The Lost City Of Atlantis #google ocean #Atlantis http://ow.ly/mOG

Google wins Street View privacy case - Google's two fingers up to legal challenger http://ow.ly/mO4

Google Earth will give people a graphic look at just where greenhouse-gas emissions come from. http://ow.ly/mjR

Over half of Britons stalk their ex's online - On the Flip side half of Britons are being stalked! Yin and Yang http://ow.ly/lnn

Man Sets up Facebook Group - Gets in News....... #I Want To Fight Chris Brown #Rihanna, http://ow.ly/lnF

Facebook, MySpace could harm health - Blimey imagine what twitter does to you! http://ow.ly/lnz

Can Cellphones Grow Up to Rival PCs? - Mobile or PC size isn't everything! its functionality that counts. #pc #mobile http://ow.ly/lnC

Facebook Turns Back on Terms of Use - The perils of changing terms and conditions in the wiki world http://ow.ly/lnB

BBC Extends Spanish-Language Service in America With MSN Pact - "They have the platform, and we have the content" http://ow.ly/lnt

"No suitable nodes are available to serve your request." BBC - Lets all hide

BBC web site is down - Get into the bunker #BBC

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