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The Times follow up on Alifeforsale

The Times follow up on Alifeforsale

Saw this in the The Times over the weekend. They caught up with the guy who tried to sell his house, car, job & friends on ebay in order to start a new life.

One Year On: The man who sold his life

If you remember the ebay auction was perhaps predictably ruined by time-wasters and mischief makers leaving Ian Usher at somewhat of an even greater crossroads in his attempt to start a new life. Instead of the £192,000 promised he ended up with substantially less than that and so was forced to change his plans.

However it seems that there was a substantial silver lining to the cloud when the story sparked a bidding war between movie producers all wanting to make a film about the story. Ian has been using the money to live a sort of dream experience year travelling round the world fulfilling lifetime ambitions wherever possible.

Whilst Ian was desperate for a new start and came up with the pretty novel and interesting way of cutting his ties it did highlight how the open nature of the internet can derail even the most well meaning of schemes once news of it gets out into the public domain. According to the article Time magazine voted Usher’s life auction as one of the 10 oddest news stories of 2008. When a story attracts that sort of interest things can very easily go awry.

Still it's nice to know that the story had some sort of a happy ending, it'll be interesting to see how the whole saga looks when viewed via Hollywood.

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