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HitSearch News – Ballmer quotes, Katy Perry Censoring and Ryanair bloggers

HitSearch News – Ballmer quotes, Katy Perry Censoring and Ryanair bloggers

Todays has been a steady day in the search industry and with some momentous statements; Microsoft announced it was not going to be courting Yahoo and with CEO Ballmer also commenting that they had "lost the game to Google"; the game being control of the biggest search engine.

Google Gmail had the masses twittering when it crashed for a period of time all this and more are in the todays Twitter feed and it reads as follows -

How does a song by Katy Perry Song called "Ur So Gay" ever get through the spam filter! #Katy Perry #music http://ow.ly/rA7

Microsoft Sees Threat From Android Notebooks - Google to win the desktop battle with a suprise attack? http://ow.ly/s4V

Recession ends the search battle against Google for Microsoft says Ballmer. "Cant get back in the game" #google #microsoft http://ow.ly/s5k

"Ballmer says expects Google to offer Android for laptops" http://ow.ly/s6K

"CEO Ballmer says still wants to team with Yahoo on search" #microsoft #yahoo #Ballmer http://ow.ly/s6P

"Ballmer says he is not looking to buy Yahoo" http://ow.ly/s4V time has passed for Yahoo deal. Also pokes fun at Jerry Yang

"Microsoft plans low-end version of Windows 7 for netbooks" http://ow.ly/s4V #microsoft #ballmer

Ryanair and the 'idiot bloggers'. How reputation management doesn't just extend to what your customers say! http://ow.ly/s4t

Google apology: The Full Gmail Apology http://ow.ly/s4q

Google users hit by mail outage - World Panic's ....a bit http://ow.ly/rAj

HitSearch Blog Post Microsoft Announces Formation of Publisher Leadership Council - PubCenter http://ow.ly/rzm

HitSearch Blog Post Yandex Analyses the Russian Internet Media http://ow.ly/rzn

Microsoft Announces Formation of PubCenter - next-generation advertising platform for digital media publishers. #microsoft http://ow.ly/rxX

Yandex Analyses the Russian Internet Media -#Yandex #search engine http://ow.ly/rxR

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