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Yoogli – Automated Music Playlist Site Boasting 7 Million Songs

Yoogli – Automated Music Playlist Site Boasting 7 Million Songs

Yoogli, Inc., a software technology company with recent breakthroughs in semantic search, announced today the Beta release of its new music discovery site www.YoogliMusic.com, a free social networking and automated music playlist generation site.

YoogliMusic uniquely integrates patented personalization technology with its automated playlist services, daily updated blog, new artist recommendations, aggregate news feeds, wiki-generated artists' pages, and social networking capabilities all on one site.

YoogliMusic seamlessly synchronizes with iTunes and provides new music recommendations and recently played music to the user's personal Yoogli profile.

YoogliMusic's entry into the music space allows users to find and create playlists that match their music library and music tastes.

In addition, using patented personalization and search technologies, new artists and customized playlists are continuously recommended to the user from a database of over 7,000,000 songs and 400,000 artists.

YoogliMusic creates custom playlists automatically and will spin a unique playlist that matches the user's mood and musical interests on demand. The technology can either create a unique music playlist completely out of the user's own library or a separate playlist that contains new track recommendations gleaned from the Internet and YoogliMusic's database to meet a user's immediate listening needs.

Independent artists are able to promote their music via their own free personal music site on YoogliMusic thus offering a fresh new venue in which to showcase their music on the Internet.

"The entire process of personal playlist generation takes less than a few seconds and the new playlist can easily be uploaded into the user's iPod," said Jonathan Kerwin, YoogliMusic's co-founder.

"The site is an ideal vehicle for music lovers because it has great insight into the particular types of music that the user is interested in at an exact moment in time. Users can share their customized playlists with their friends as well as collaborate in building out artist profiles to help promote the music and bands they love. All of this allows YoogliMusic to be a comprehensive music experience for all involved."

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