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HitSearch News – Semantic Search and Music, Social Media and Learning Theory

HitSearch News – Semantic Search and Music, Social Media and Learning Theory

Today's Twitter feed headline makes for a mixed reading and very little to no mentions of Google. Hmmmm what can that mean? The daily feed reads like this -

Microsoft Research Shows Tomorrow's Computing Technology - clound computing and Social Media and Learning Theory

Semantic Search and an automated music playlist site boasting 7 Million Songs http://ow.ly/uZK

Expedia’s New Behavioral Marketing Service - PassportAds is laucnhed. #travel #expedia #marketing http://ow.ly/uXr

Yahoo launches display targeting tools - Search Retargeting, Enhanced Retargeting, Enhanced Targeting http://ow.ly/uUt

Google Adds Adverts to Google News - Another of my 2009 predictions true within 60 days #google http://ow.ly/uW6

Twitter could be a threat to Google - People slowly realising its potential http://ow.ly/uUp

Twitter allows children access to porn - thin edge of the good will wedge for Twitter. Next week story will be Terrorists. http://ow.ly/uUJ

Yahoo issues a "come and get me" plea - #Yahoo #Search engine http://ow.ly/uUo

Firefox and twitter are not in love today.

@ruskin147 I would love to know more about thier audio advertising models and what target advertiser demographic is.

Google close another fringe application/service. This time Google Shared Stuff gets the chop. http://ow.ly/uxa

David Mitchell muses about #Twitter http://ow.ly/uuL

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