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Yahoo Encourages Facebook Poking in Search Results

Yahoo Encourages Facebook Poking in Search Results

Stalkers rejoice! Yahoo yesterday rolled out a new features within the natural search listing of the Yahoo Search which see much greater integration with Facebook through its SearchMonkey program.

Type in a person's name followed by Facebook will lead to an image of the individual followed by the ability to "Add friend | Poke | Send message | View friends".

An example of what it looks like comes below

The open interface SearchMonkey allows developers and site owners can use structured data to make Yahoo! Search results more useful and visually appealing, and drive more relevant traffic to their sites.

One word of warning!
As you can see my pretty picture (and it is pretty) is pretty tame but spare a thought for the university student who has a compromising Facebook profile photo and is going to his/her first job interview today.

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