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Yandex.Auto Helps Russian's Search for New Car

Yandex.Auto Helps Russian's Search for New Car

Yandex’s car search service Yandex.Auto now features information on new car models that officially go on sale in Russia.

Information on car models now supplements car classifieds published in the Russian internet every day.

Those who cannot decide between a new Lexus or a Touareg, just as those who are looking for an "oldie-but-goodie" Niva, can now start with studying car model description and its specifications. A link to details about a specific car model appears above search results (unless the search is limited to used cars only).

Currently, the service has descriptions for more than 300 mass produced car models, practically all models that have been launched recently. When choosing a car, Yandex.Auto users can compare its submodels, their specifications, packages and options, and pricing.

A page with the model information also lists authorized dealers in the user’s region and their contact information. Yandex.Auto searches in more than 420,000 classifieds for new and used cars. The information aggregated from 152 popular car websites gets updated every two hours.

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