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Skittles Throws Its Brand Into The Twitter Bear Pit

Skittles Throws Its Brand Into The Twitter Bear Pit

What does everyone think of the new Skittles website? Place Skittles.com into your web browser, you will be then presented with a Twitter Search result page with the query "skittles" - which will display the buzz and news about skittles. An example of how the new website looks is listed below

Handing your brand over to the general public is a brave step (some say stupid step) but non the less it has generated significant buzz since it was launched.

Initial response has been mixed with comments such as "Publicity + Anonymity + Internets = Trolling :) #skittles " and "Whoa. The concept behind the new #skittles website is... kindof awesome. http://skittles.com "

But would you class this as a) laziness of the highest order b) inspired genus?

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