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Dpreview.com Launches Challenges: User-Generated Photography Contests

Dpreview.com Launches Challenges: User-Generated Photography Contests

Dpreview.com, a comprehensive global resource for reviews and original content regarding digital photography and cameras, and an Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) subsidiary, today announced the launch of its new feature: "Challenges." Challenges offer photographers the opportunity to create, participate in and judge photographic competitions.

The feature was launched in beta in December 2008 and already more than 19,000 images have been submitted and more than a quarter of a million votes have been cast by the community.

"Dpreview has long been known for having vibrant online photographer communities," said Phil Askey, founder of Dpreview.com. "Now it's even easier for photographers to show off their work, garner feedback from their peers and collect acclaim from the community through their votes and ratings."

Dpreview.com welcomes submissions from professionals and amateurs alike. Any Dpreview.com user can create a Challenge and establish his or her own rules and guidelines. Then, anyone can upload submissions for the Challenge set forth. Once the Challenge is complete, the photos are voted on by the community and submissions are ranked with the winners announced.

"This is the first set of new features we are developing for our photographer community. We are very excited by how quickly our community has already embraced this service, even while still in beta, and the amazing quality of the initial images submitted," continued Askey. "Challenges has already become one of the most trafficked areas of the site."

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