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Markit Signs blinkx for Financial Video Media Monitoring

Markit Signs blinkx for Financial Video Media Monitoring

blinkx, the world’s largest video search engine, today announced a technology partnership with Markit, a financial information services company. Markit’s clients, including banks, asset management firms and hedge funds, will now have organized access to business news video.

Markit will use blinkx’s advanced video technology, its massive index of online video and 450-plus content partnerships to provide its clients with comprehensive business news video coverage. The videos will be distributed on Markit’s Web site and the Markit Enhanced Feed.

"blinkx has the unique ability to index news feeds from a wide range of sources, thereby providing partners such as Markit with a comprehensive roundup of relevant news coverage on the Web," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx.

"We are seeing an increased demand for consolidating content from a variety of sources," said Mark Knill, managing director, Markit. "By partnering with blinkx, we are providing our clients with video news coverage from relevant sources across the Web, thereby deepening our commitment to provide them with relevant and timely information."

As the pioneer in video search technology, blinkx has established a reputation as a smart way to search new forms of online content such as video. blinkx uses advanced speech-recognition technology to deliver results that are more accurate and reliable than standard metadata-based keyword searches, and powers video search for industry leaders including Ask, Real and Lycos.

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