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Yahoo! Answers adds its social applications into Bebo

Yahoo! Answers adds its social applications into Bebo

Dan Peters from Yahoo! UK today explains in more detail how Yahoo! Answers will plug into Social Networking site Bebo.

"Yahoo! UK & Ireland is helping to improve the socializing experience for users on the leading UK social networking site, Bebo, with the integration of Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! Music.

With the addition of Yahoo! Answers to Bebo's new application platform, Bebo users are now able to tap into each other's knowledge and expertise, benefiting themselves, their friends and the wider Yahoo! Answers community of millions of users.

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Bebo users can publish and share their Q&As with their friends and promote their reputation and participation in the Yahoo! Answers community via a module displayed on their user profile. They can also ask and answer questions directly within Bebo, and view Q&As from their Bebo friends.

We've also launched three new Yahoo! Music video channels - Top Music, Rock and Urban, so users can subscribe to the latest videos or add their favorite songs to their Bebo profile for all their friends to enjoy.

By making Yahoo! products and services more accessible off of the Yahoo! Network, we hope you find it easier to interact and share interests with your own communities. Don't forget to let us know what you think by commenting here."

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