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HitSearch News – Google Maps, New Search Engines and Facebook Photo "Scandals"

HitSearch News – Google Maps, New Search Engines and Facebook Photo "Scandals"

Felt like it was quite a slow news day in the world of online marketing but here is all the goings on at our Twitter feed.

update: they are working on fixing the problem but the pics are safe apparently #facebook http://ow.ly/LSf

Might be worth checking your Facebook photo albums, this blog posts reckons some of your pics may be history http://ow.ly/LSe

After yesterday's Google Maps story an interesting post about how the imagery is altered to remove top secret installations http://ow.ly/LMU

Social networking sites are more popular than personal email systems. Makes sense I suppose, they have more functions http://ow.ly/LMQ

YouTube begin removing music videos in the UK after re-negotiations break down. Hard line or Brinkmanship http://ow.ly/LMF

MPs call for Google phone tracker crackdown - Must have been when they were discussing identity cards http://ow.ly/KUN

British search engine 'could rival Google' - Wonder how many times Google has been used to promote another brand? #Wolfram http://ow.ly/KUD

...plus I notice twitter has had a load of spammer accounts going round following anyone and everyone today.

Facebook blog about their battle against the spammers. http://ow.ly/KhL

California politician launches bill to curb things like Google Street View & Live Maps in order to counter terrorism http://ow.ly/KdZ

HitSearch Blog Post Mobile Services to Capture Advertising Revenue in Emerging Markets http://ow.ly/K1G

Stand-by for action! Google launch an environmental drive by urging us all to power down as much as possible. #environment http://ow.ly/JZD

More reports about Windows 7...this time it's modular! http://ow.ly/JZr

zdnet report android handsets making large in-roads into the iPhone's lead. Let the battle commence http://ow.ly/JZI

There could be trouble ahead for eBay. L'Oreal sue them for selling fake products http://ow.ly/JZk
Report on iphone Ronaldo app and the chap who wrote it http://ow.ly/JZg

Could ebooks revitalise the newspaper industry? Interesting one. http://ow.ly/JQY

BBC report on cyber-squatting & online brand abuse. Love the utterly bizzare image they've added the the story #cybercrime http://ow.ly/JPX

Whilst on the subject of The Telegraph what does "Twitterfall: a Google for the Twitterverse" mean. That paper is trying SO hard isn't it!

The Telegraph give us their top 100 gadgets list http://ow.ly/JOI

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