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eBay video game systems sales reaches $330m

eBay video game systems sales reaches $330m

Consumer research firm Packaged Facts today unveiled their Online Industry Insights powered by eBay Data: Annual Industry Overview 2006, that catalogs the $330 million in video game systems (including Wii, Playstation and Xbox) sales that took place on eBay.com in 2006.

Based exclusively on primary eBay data, the report takes an unprecedented look at who bought video game systems via eBay, and the features these buyers valued most.

As shoppers search far and wide for video game consoles this holiday season, the report shines an unprecedented light on how important the eBay channel was in 2006 - and will likely be this year - for gaming sales.

With more than 1.3 million new and used units sold on eBay, Video Game Systems offers an exclusive look at the buying behaviors of U.S. and international consumers, and examines sales based on multiple variables and brands.

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