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Knowsley Safari Park Making Waves On Twitter

Knowsley Safari Park Making Waves On Twitter

A innovative social media campaign from HitSearch has had the media going ape! The marketing campaign for Knowsley Safari Park has managed to get Knowsley's infamous baboon colony online using Twitter to give updates to their many millions of fans round the world.

A picture of the little monkey's doing thier stuff at the park can be found below!

Knowsley Safari Park today commented on their website saying -

"Our troop of baboons have made the newspapers again this week. Not with their destruction of cars this time but with their incredible grasp of information technology and social networking on the world wide web.

Our baboons have launched their own Twitter under the name of KnowsleyBaboons on the social networking site www.twitter.com so you can now follow their antics on a daily basis and in their own words!

The twitter is actually the creation of Andy Donaldson and his team at HitSearch who are working with the Safari Park as part of the online marketing plan, and we soon hope to have the Lions, Rhino, Meerkats and Giraffe all twittering along too."

You can follow Brian the Baboon @ http://twitter.com/knowsleybaboons

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