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Alexey Tcharykov Wins Yandex Cup Winners Cup

Alexey Tcharykov Wins Yandex Cup Winners Cup

The only Yandex Cup Winners’ Cup game took place today. Alexey Tcharykov won the title of the "Winner of the Cup Winners’ Cup".
Seven champions of previous years met for the only and final Cup Winners’ Cup game.

The players had 90 minutes to find answers to the Russian-language questions on the Web. The set of questions was unlimited, and the winner managed to crack 32 of them.

"Today was the battle of the strongest," states the project manager Ksenia Chanchikova. "It had to take a lot of effort to break the defense built up by the contenders who confidently kept threatening on counter attacks. There wasn’t a clear leader right until the dying moments of the game".

The Champion of Champions Alexey Tcharykov is the winner of the Fifth Yandex Cup, a four-time participant in the Cup’s finals and a two-time winner of the Cup’s first rounds. He was born in Moscow in 1979.

The champion is a keen musician with an honors degree from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The author of over a hundred web-projects, he has been online since 1996.

The Cup in Internet search is a competition started by Yandex in 2001. Since then, the Cup's tournaments have gathered various audiences in various regions. Last year, the Yandex Cup was held for the last time.

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