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Google – The largest volume keywords of 2007

Google – The largest volume keywords of 2007

Google today gave us a glimpse into what people search for when they visit the biggest search engine in the world. Google have cut through the enormous list of data and have complied a list of the fastest rising terms for 2007.

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Fastest rising search terms in Google (global)
1) iphone
2) badoo
3) facebook
4) dailymotion
5) webkinz
6) youtube
7) ebuddy
8) second life
9) hi5
10) club penguin

Fastest falling search terms in Google (global)
1) world cup
2) mozart
3) fifa
4) rebelde
5) kazaa
6) xanga
7) webdetente
8) sudoku
9) shakira
10) mp3

And finally below is a list of questions that had the largest volume on Google.com in the US. The question is "Who is..."

1) who is god
2) who is who
3) who is lookup
4) who is jesus
5) who is it
6) who is buckethead
7) who is calling
8) who is keppler
9) who is this
10) who is satan

God always beats Satan!

You can find more this data that Google had collected by going over to the Google Zeitgeist.

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