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Yandex's MoiKrug Service Adds Companies Section

Yandex's MoiKrug Service Adds Companies Section

MoiKrug - a professional networking, recruitment and employment service - catalogues employers. The service presents a new category Companies, which shows pages for each employer with information about open vacancies, current employees and their career moves.

The MoiKrug users can contact people working in a certain company to find out what they need to know first hand.

Networkers on MoiKrug establish professional relationships by sharing their job and place of employment in their profiles, which they normally update. Information in users' profiles allows MoiKrug to keep track on personnel movements between companies.

The new Companies category is another tool that helps networkers to seek employment through their personal contacts: a logged in user first sees records of the companies whose employees are direct or indirect connections on the user's contact list.

Today, more than three million people have personal profiles on MoiKrug. A company gets to the catalogue as soon as enough people working at this company set up profiles on the service. Currently, the website has over 1,000 company records.

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