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Online retail spending 33 percent against last year

Online retail spending 33 percent against last year

comScore today released an update of holiday season e-commerce spending for the first 41 days - November 1 through to December 11 of the November -- December 2007 holiday season.

More than $20 billion has been spent online during the season-to-date, marking a 19-percent gain versus the corresponding days last year.

"Green onday," a term recently coined by eBay to describe the second Monday in December as the heaviest online spending day of the season, may well live up to its lofty billing as U.S. online retail spending on December 10 reached $881 million (up 33 percent versus last year), setting a record as the heaviest online spending day in history.

Holiday Season to Date
November 1 -- December 11 - Increase of 19% from 2006
Thanksgiving Day (November 22) - Increase of 29% from 2006
"Black Friday" (November 23) - Increase of 22% from 2006
"Cyber Monday" (November 26) - Increase of 21% from 2006
"Green Monday" (December 10) - Increase of 33% from 2006

"Online spending is following the pattern it first established last year, namely an accelerating growth rate as the season progresses," said comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni.

"Consumers are clearly responding positively to the enticing promotions and discounts being offered by retailers this year, and spending is currently on track to meet our forecast of $29.5 billion for the season."

Top five online spending days for this years holiday season - Through the first 41 days of the online holiday shopping season, three individual shopping days have surpassed $800 million in sales, led by Monday, December 10 ("Green Monday") with $881 million, followed by Tuesday, December 11 with $819 million and Thursday, December 6 with $803 million. Wednesday, December 5 came in just shy of that threshold with $798 million in spending.

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