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Increasing Conversions: How Far Are Your Visitors Into The Buying Cycle?

Increasing Conversions: How Far Are Your Visitors Into The Buying Cycle?

A quick and effective way of judging the performance of your website is to calculate how far your customers or website visitors are into the buying cycle.

The typical lifecycle of a web consumer tends to follow the stages below; naturally the further down the buying cycle your customer is the more likely your are to obtain that all important sales.

1) Awareness
2) Interest
3) Consideration

4) Purchase
5) Retention
6) Advocacy

The way HitSearch turn visitors into sales for our clients websites is as follows -

Lets focus on the first three steps of the process and plug in some suitable examples. By looking through your business Analytics package you can start to categorise the majority of key phrases that potential customers are using to find your business.

This can be achieved in Google Analytics were keywords are easily extracted into a spreadsheet format and are then categorised into clear groups according to the above six steps.

For example if we take the example within our marketplace of online marketing I have added example keywords in the online marketing sector

1) Awareness - SEO, PPC
2) Interest - SEO case studies, PPC business examples
3) Consideration - Performance based SEO, Proven PPC results

If you analyse your keywords and the majority are targeted at one particular stage AND is not providing substantial sales in return; then its worthwhile re-focusing the efforts onto another stage in the buying cycle target and seeing what sales are generated in return.

This is the most effective way to see WHY your website is not performing.

If you would like more information on this subject and how it could be used to unlock the potential of your business website then fill in contact form below.

If so, contact HitSearch, Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click specialists, on 0845 643 9289. Remember, its a big world out there, make sure you become visible

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