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Top SEO keyword searches for December 16th

Top SEO keyword searches for December 16th

AOL today announced its list of top twenty search terms for December 16th 2007. AOL produce a daily chart of the most popular people, places and things AOL users search for every day.

The Top twenty Search Terms for December 16, 2007 are:

1. Weddings -- Plan your perfect day
2. School closings -- Are your kids going to school tomorrow?
3. Justin Timberlake -- Can't beat The Police for 2008 tours
4. Lindsay Lohan -- Selling pics to the paparazzi ... of herself?
5. Michael Vick -- House gets put up for auction
6. 'Survivor' -- Todd wins 'Survivor: China'
7. Tonya Harding -- Bodyguard dies
8. 'Desperate Housewives' -- What will happen after the storm?
9. Philadelphia Eagles -- Beat the Cowboys
10. Boxing -- Hatton is in Las Vegas
11. Miami Dolphins -- Get their first win this season
12. Apartments -- Search online for your perfect pad
13. Cleveland Browns -- Beat the Bills
14. Jessica Biel -- Voted the cleanest star
15. Johnny Depp -- Voted most gracious celeb
16. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Can't beat the Jags
17. New England Patriots -- Beat the Jets
18. Free stuff -- What can you find online?
19. Golf -- Parry wins Australian Open
20. David Beckham -- Joins up with Snoop

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