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Saint Petersburg win the Eighth Annual Yandex Cup

Saint Petersburg win the Eighth Annual Yandex Cup

Today Yandex has held the final round of Russia's Eighth Annual Open Search Cup. The title of "The Person Who Found Everything" went to 27-year-old Denis Fursov from Saint Petersburg.

Contestants had one hour to find answers to six questions in order to win the last round of the finals. Denis Fursov answered five out of six questions in forty-one minutes. None of the other finalists answered all six questions nor beat Fursov's time in answering five.

The Cup's final round was held in the studio of O2TV, the first youth-oriented TV channel, for the third time this year; and it was the second time that the competition garnered live coverage.

The complete list of questions in the final round of the Eighth Yandex Cup:

1. What was the name of a town in Leningrad Region, which is now known as Soloviovka, after it had been renamed for the second time?
Correct answer: (Soltsy)

2. What is the solution to problem ?1001 in the Ratchinsky Problem Book?
(Correct answer: 72)

3. In which year was Tugorkhan killed?
(Correct answer: 1096)

4. Who (indicate name and surname) was the partner of formerly clandestine person, known as "Long Legs", in his last tennis game?
(Correct answer: Ivan Serov)

5. What nationality lived in the territory marked red in the 12-13th century ethnographic map of the territories, which now are a part of Latvia?
(Correct answer: Kursi)

6. What city in Russia is the only federal center, which witnesses two full solar eclipses in the first half of the 21st century?
(Correct answer: Gorno-Altaisk)

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