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Russian Search Engine Improves User Security

Russian Search Engine Improves User Security

Russian Search Engine Yandex has improved its proprietary online payment system (Yandex.Money), and it now offers a new way of protecting user payments: the new option "Strengthened Authorization" allows users not to enter their Yandex.Money password any longer.

Now, instead of the password, users can enter a one-time code while making their online transfers.

It is well known that the weakest part of any modern, well-secured system is a user itself. He can accidentally unveil his password to a cheater or make an online payment through an infected computer.

To start using the new feature, a user will need to download a specific table of codes right from the website, or get it by courier. To confirm any of user transactions, the system requires entering a code from specific table cells. That means that every time making payments, a user enters a unique code that can’t be stolen or lost. To download the new feature, please go to the Yandex.Money website.

"Strengthened Authorization" is just one of the many improvements aimed at increasing user security in the system. For example, Dr. Web antivirus (first month for free for Yandex.Money users) helps users keep their computers free of viruses that intercept login information and send it to cheaters. While transferring money inside the system, the Patronized Payment tool protects users from sending money to the wrong user account.

Using bank cards of Alfa-Bank and Russian Development Bank, users’ personal information does not get transmitted over the Internet. Besides, Yandex warns its users of possible ways of cheating and, since recently, of potentially malicious web resources.

Currently, the number of e-wallet owners in the system exceeds 3 million with the daily number of transactions topping 50,000.

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