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Companies Who Have Embraced Social Media: Delta Airlines

Companies Who Have Embraced Social Media: Delta Airlines

There is a growing understanding within the business community that Social Media can help to increase brand visibility and drive much needed extra visitors to a website.

In our introduction to Social Media Series we will highlight successful brands that are embracing social media and using it in interesting ways to promote their brand.

Let take our first example which is Delta airlines whose blog is one of the best in the airline industry; with daily updates on stories on upcoming ideas for the business as well as changes background to the people working in the business and their working lives.

See the video below about the new Miami Delta Sky Club; an excellent opportunity to promote the benefits of its brand; in a wonderfully shot promotional video.

Lessons to be learnt from Delta Airlines

  • Show of your product in the best prossible light in the best possible format - Well produced videos show you products in the best format
  • Make sure your content is as interesting and dyanmic as possible - Delta's content is intresting; outlining new features launched
  • Update your content on a regular basis! - Delta update the content each day, every day and go to make the website a lot fresher than other airlines companies

All points to follow these rules and you are on the way to a good results back from your social media campaign.

Would you like to know more about Social Media?

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