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Google Adwords Test – Can You Answer These Google Adwords Questions?

Google Adwords Test – Can You Answer These Google Adwords Questions?

Can your Online marketing agency answer the follow questions? We have five questions from the Google Adwords Exam - print out a copy and see if you Adwords Agency can answer them all.

(1) Google determines your keyword's Quality Score for search by considering all of the following factors, except ______.

a) cost-per-click (CPC) bid
b) clickthrough rate (CTR)
c) relevance of your ad text
d) historical keyword performance

(2) For internationally targeted campaigns, you should write your keywords and ad text in your native language.

a) True
b) False

(3) ROAS is an acronym for

a) revenue of ad spend
b) return on ad space
c) return on ad spend
d) result of ad stock

(4) Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) can be a measure of advertising effectiveness.

a) True
b) False
(5) Which of the answer choices provided is the best next step in the client start-up process?

1. Define marketing objectives, metrics, and budget
2. Deliver proposal, including messaging & budget options
3. ___________
4. Launch, monitor, & modify campaigns to meet objectives
5. Share reports and refine

a) Set CPC's and daily budget
b) Establish billing and payment method
c) Client approval and sign-off

Did they get alll five right? if not give us a call!

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