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New iPhone Update – 5 New Business Features

New iPhone Update – 5 New Business Features

The new iPhone OS 3.0 software update has some excellent new features, as well as all the features from previous updates, but from a business point of view, you will be, this new application you will be much more useful to the business user.

The new software for the iPhone will allow the next generation of iPhone apps to be accessed on the go. Below is a list of 10 reasons why the business user will be happy with the new update.

1) Cut, Copy & Paste
A feature we are all so used to on our machines but was lacking with previous versions was copy and paste; the latest version will allow you to cut, copy, and paste text from application to application. Select blocks of web text ass well as copying and pasting images from the web.

2) Spotlight Search
This new feature gives the business user one search place to find all aspects of data in one place; so searching all of your contacts, email, calendars, and notes can be done in one place. Major tool for the business user who want to find all occurrences of communication with a client

3) Improved Calendar
Far better calendar function as the new software allows you to create meetings via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and subscribe to calendars

4) Voice Recorded System
Capture a meeting, or any audio recording on the go. Voice Memos works with the built-in iPhone microphone or with the mic on your headset.
5) Internet Tethering
The iPhone has the ability to share its Internet with a separate laptop with Internet tethering via Bluetooth; awesome new function!

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