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Kitchens Online – The top 10 most searched for terms via Google

Kitchens Online – The top 10 most searched for terms via Google

Partially due to the economic downturn and our £'s having to go a little further than normal these days, buying a kitchen online is a rapidly growing market. Gone are the days spent walking around large showrooms looking for the best cabinets, work surfaces and appliances for your dream kitchen, and welcome to the world of more for your money!

In our experience here at HitSearch through working with similar companies in similar markets, online kitchen companies are able to maintain healthy profit margins and still pass on hefty discounts to the customer by selling directly to customers online - so everyones happy!

Take a look below at the volumes of searches going through Google UK last month alone!

1) kitchen 24,900,000
2) kitchens 2,240,000
3) kitchen cabinets 823,000
4) kitchen design 450,000
5) kitchen doors 201,000
6) kitchen designs 165,000
7) new kitchen 110,000
8) kitchen online 60,500
9) fitted kitchen 49,500
10) modern kitchens 22,500
TOTAL 29,021,500

Here at HitSearch, we specialise ar increasing the amount of profit our client websites can generate through their website, through the channels of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliates and E-mail campaigns.

If you are a kitchen company looking to either start selling online to the public OR want to improve your current performance, contact us HERE today and we'll show you how we can help you make more profit from your website!

HitSearch...become visible in a changing world!

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