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The Yandex School of Data Analysis – Graduation

The Yandex School of Data Analysis – Graduation

Yandex celebrates the first graduation at Yandex School of Data Analysis which was founded in 2007. Over 30 students graduate from the two-year Master program; some of them will be offered to join the Russian Search Engine Yandex.

Yandex School continues the traditions of the school of data analysis originated in Soviet Union in the 60-70's. Russia's own search technologies that exist today largely owe to this. The School's mission is to revive the environment that may nurture new talents.

During the two years, the students were studying different methods of data analysis and computer science which are not included into University programs. While studying, most students were also getting trained in Yandex. Some of them have already been employed by the company as developers.

"Development of automatic geographic classification of websites", "Classification of users based on their search behavior" or "An industrial-scale filter of unwanted content" are some of the topics of graduation thesis.

The two-year program is offered to the students for free. It is comprised of series of full-time evening classes taught by professors of national and foreign universities: M. Babenko, E. Bunina, A. Chervonenkis, A. Raigorodsky, E. Schepin, A. Shiryaev and many others. The school is led by Ilya Borisovich Muchnik, Professor at Rutgers University.

Yandex School of Data Analysis works together with the leading Russian universities. Several graduating students are in their final year at the Data Analysis Masters program of the Innovations and High Technology Department of the MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology).

In 2008, Yandex Data Analysis School together with the State University – Higher School of Economics (SU-HSE) launched the "Internet Data Analysis" major at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics within their Master's program "Mathematical Modeling".

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