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What not to wear – on a cruise

What not to wear – on a cruise

Where are Trinny and Susannah when you need them most? on a luxury cruise.

One of the most frequently asked questions that cruise travel agents and experienced cruisers get from first-timers is, "What kind of clothes should I take?" The answer to this question has become more complicated as our culture has evolved into a more casual society.

Our culture has changed the definition of "dressing for success" in the work place, cruise lines have become open to a more casual atmosphere. Sailing ships and many yacht-like ships such as those operated by American Safari Cruises have a casual dress code.

Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, and Oceania have loosened up their recommended dress code for dinner on some ships as they have moved to open seating for dinner. Other cruise lines have also made formal attire optional or decreased the number of formal nights.

To attract younger cruisers, ships believe they need to provide more flexibility for passengers in dress, shore excursions, and shipboard activities, people today are much more likely to express their individuality and diversity.

Traditional cruise lines usually have one or two "dress-up" nights on each seven-day cruise. Men often wear tuxedos, but dark suits have become more prevalent has our society has dressed down and cruise vacations have become more mainstream. It's a little harder to determine what women

So what's a cruiser to do? First, if dressing up (or not dressing up) is one of your key factors in a successful cruise vacation, then be sure to confirm what the dress code is for dinner before you book. Your travel agent, cruise line, or Internet bulletin boards/forums should be able to help determine the appropriate dress code. (If dress code is NOT that important, then focus your cruise line/ship selection on what is important to you such as destination or price.)

The best thing about the whole cruise dress-up debate is that with all of the many cruise ships available, there is something for everyone.

The best way to select your cruise deal and for advice on what not to wear, is to do what over 24,000,000 other confused cruisers did last month and search the internet for advice and information. The cruise companies are falling over themselves to be on the front page of google in order to attract holiday makers and are turning to search engine marketing specialists to help them to do this.

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