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Free SEO booklet – Chapter 1 preview…

Free SEO booklet – Chapter 1 preview…

Over the coming few days, i'll be giving you a sneak previews of the individual chapters of a booklet I have written called 'The 7 biggest mistakes...' This booklet comprises the top mistakes that companies I have worked with over the past 10 years are making - which leads to a loss in sales and therefore profits. The full booklet can be downloaded by clicking the image above this article at any time.

"7 simple steps to increase traffic & business volumes through your website that e-marketing teams and business owners often get WRONG and therefore costs them £000’s in lost profits!"

As you read through the following booklet, you should have a better understanding of some of the things that can seriously improve the revenue your website is generating IMMEDIATELY!

From my experience as a Director of HitSearch, there are hundreds of mistakes I see e-commerce teams and business owners making on a daily basis, but here in this booklet and written in plain English, are my top 7 tips that have dramatically helped my clients increase their profits!

Before we go any further, there is a saying in life that nothing is ‘free’ but I would like to dispel this myth. As a valued reader of this report and hopefully many future ones, I am offering a free telephone consultation. During this call, you can use the opportunity to get my opinion on what strategies you are currently employing or indeed which areas I think that you should look into. Use this time to get as much value as you so wish. However, due to the demand from my last informational booklet, I am now only offering this for the first 10 people to come back to me and ask for it on this link:- www.hitsearchlimited.com/free_consultancy/Book_consultation.php I would usually charge £97 for this session so remember it is on a first come first served basis!

Mistake Number 1: Measure twice, cut once. STOP loosing £000’s in potential profit NOW!

Measure twice and cut once is an old carpenters’ expression. The theory behind the term is that by measuring a piece of wood twice prior to cutting, it stops you removing too much or indeed not cutting enough off. Therefore the measurement required is just right. Getting the measurements ‘just right’ for your website is just as important and it can literally save you thousands of pounds of lost profits.

Which system should I use?

Of course, by now you must be thinking I will now reveal a magic tool that has been kept under wraps for years and years – this is the answer to all my problems?


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