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FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) booklet…

FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) booklet…

Chapter 2: What should I actually change on my site?

I am confident that you are keen to jump to some of the great ideas later in this booklet that will help you get more qualified people to your website, but I feel it’s worth taking a step back first of all and seeing if your website can handle the specific visitors we are looking for AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ensure that search engines can find your site!

Why are search engines so important and how do they find my site?

Search engines, on average, generate up to 75% of ALL traffic to your website if a site is set up correctly. If your site isn’t visible or some parts of the site aren’t search engine friendly, then there will be a significant amount of visitors that are looking for your site but can’t find it and therefore can’t find your products and services.

See why it’s so important to take this step back?

In terms of how search engines find your site, it’s all about relevance! The more relevant your site is to a particular search query (keyword you type into Google for example) the higher up the results pages you will appear.

Sound simple?

It’s not that straight forward and there are hundreds of areas that I could go into, but for now, I’ve categorised them into 5 key areas that are seen and as ‘on-page optimisation techniques.’ They are called on page optimisation techniques because guess what.....they all happen on the various pages of any given site. In addition, ‘off-page optimisation techniques’ I will cover off a little later in this booklet and they can make an even more significant difference to the profit your site is making. It is worth mentioning at this point that BOTH on and off-page techniques fall into the category of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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