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FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) booklet…

FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) booklet…

Chapter 3: There’s a whole world off page...

This comes up among some of the most talked about topics within the SEO fraternity and can get some serious bad press from time to time. A good solid ‘off-page’ strategy is something that should form the bedrock of any online campaign and can have significant impact on search engine positioning, increased volumes of traffic and the resultant increase in the profit your site can make.

So what does an ‘off-page’ campaign entail?

An off-page campaign is an umbrella term for ANYTHING that you do to bring visitors back to your site from ‘other’ sites on the net. Sound woolly? Let me explain...Search engines don’t just assess what is actually on your site when they decide how relevant it is, they also follow all the links that are associated with your site. So one important part of off-page optimisation therefore is to have a good link building program in place.

How do I build links?

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