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Internet Marketing In The B2B Sector

Internet Marketing In The B2B Sector

Business to Business (B2B) marketing is a difficult market to crack both online and offline respectably. The B2B market is much smaller size than consumer based marketing and just as competitive.

This results in keyword searches for B2B searches being very small; so its incredibly important if you are a marketer that your business appears in as many different adverts slots for yoru choosen B2B search terms.

Take for example the term "B2B Marketing" - the search volume for this terms and other similar are as follows -

Keywords Searches (month)
b2b marketing 49500
b2b market 6600
b2b internet marketing 3600
b2b marketing email 1900
b2b online marketing 1900
b2b marketing agency 1600
marketing in b2b 1300
b2b direct marketing 1000
b2b market research 1000
b2b marketing strategy 1000

Using Google's PPC tools we can give an indication of what you would be willing to pay for the paid search advert on all terms identified above; therefore you would have an average Cost per Click (CPC) of £2.64, and the keywords could potentially generate 3 clicks per day (which would cost you £7.92). So in total 237 clicks per month costing roughly £627 per month.

Ok... Given the B2B market is small and can be quick expense for each customer to acquire here are our top three times to improve your B2B online performance

(1) Make sure you brand is measures and can quantify each for of marketing that is undertaken down to an ROI level. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing are really easy to track down to ROI but also try to quantify mediums that are not easy to quantify e.g. PR with unique tracking codes

(2) Using this information ensure that all of your Marketing campaign is performing to the desired return; via a good tracking / analytics package.

(3) Always try new marketing avenues at a low spend and evaluate to see what return - Pay Per Call, Video Display Adverts.

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