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FREE SEO Tips booklet: Chapter 5…

FREE SEO Tips booklet: Chapter 5…

What you need to know about social media in 2009!

‘Social Media’ has become somewhat of a buzz word over the past few months and it is set to develop into a much more important channel throughout 2009. However, it should not be seen as a stand-alone strategy and with my clients, we incorporate it as part of ANY ongoing SEO campaign.

Why are these networks so important?

What the variety of social networks offer is a chance to interact with your audience at a time when they are most susceptible to your message. This isn’t in a devious way, but people are more used to traditional advertising channels like TV, Radio and Outdoor, whilst they are important, people are used to them being there and can therefore be slightly desensitised to the message that they are portraying. On the other hand, whilst checking your Facebook profile you are in a much more receptive relaxed mind set and therefore the impact of any message is much more real.

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