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Do you know what is being said about your business online?

Do you know what is being said about your business online?

Just 37% of businesses have someone who actively manages their online reputation, despite the majority of companies recognising a strong need for a social media strategy.

The findings, from research by digital communications company Quba, reveal 68% of senior marketers and online professionals think their company should have a blog, while 66% say they should have a presence on social networks.

But there’s a gap between recognition of the importance and practicalities of social media. While 56% of businesses employ someone to monitor what’s being said about the company on the web, just over a third have someone to actively manage their reputation online.

The research revealed the majority of marketers aren’t active in social media because they’re uncertain of its effectiveness. More than half (52%) were unaware Twitter could be used as an effective marketing tool, while 41% were.

The research also found 41% of marketers are unaware of bad reviews online and don’t know whether their business has suffered from negative feedback.

The research found business network LinkedIn was the most popular social media activity used by businesses, followed by blogging then Facebook and Twitter.

A online reputation management tool, like the one provided by hitsearchlimited is an ideal solution for all companies to track, report on and evaluate their online reputation.

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