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Free SEO tips booklet: Chapter 6…

Free SEO tips booklet: Chapter 6…

What has online PR got to do with it?

An online press release distribution programme can have a significant impact on the profit your website is making! The following chapter contains the reasons why...

What is online press release distribution all about?

This service provides the opportunity, ability and functionality to push client specific content out to a variety of online news ‘sources.’ This content can be sourced from any ‘news worthy’ article, press release or company information that is relevant and interesting for the public to read.

Why bother?

Pushing out news worthy content as ‘press releases’ allows companies to target a specific product channel and move that in front of a specific audience in order to attract back to the site a highly qualified and motivated stream of potential customers.

How does this work?

Quite simply at the bottom of each press release, we include a link which the reader of the article can click on once they have read the article. This is called seeding – the theory being we are planting a seed from which a highly qualified audience will grow. The way in which the copy is written is actually extremely important for the reason that this is the filter or ‘qualification’ process that sifts out the wheat from the chaff. In other terms, the people who WANT to buy products and services and those that DON’T.

What are the impacts of this?

There are many important impacts to a website by using online PR, but the two main ones I’ll go into a little more detail now...

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