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FREE SEO Booklet: Final chapter…

FREE SEO Booklet: Final chapter…

So what’s next?

What we have covered off in the various previous chapters, is what YOU can do to YOUR site itself and just some of the things YOU can do to promote it off-site. What I want to look into now briefly is some of the additional channels that you may want to explore that I have used myself and know work extremely well. The channels are ALL what I class as DIRECT RESPONSE which means a combination of less wasting of your budget, with the maximum impact. The first area is affiliate campaigns...

What is an affiliate? I hear you ask...

An affiliate is a ‘network’ that holds several hundred websites from various sectors. Each of these individual website owners (publishers) display ads and / or links on their respective sites to generate sales directly into a clients’ site; on a cost per performance basis (direct response). All of these sales are monitored closely through the affiliate network by your affiliate manager (I recommend HitSearch obviously ;) so that ROI measurements can be made daily. Part of the management of an affiliate campaign is to look at the volumes of sales that each website owner (publisher) is generating and remove those that aren’t ‘working’ and increase the emphasis placed on publishers that are generating a high volume of sales.

How does it work financially?

A large part of the setup will be to do with the financial ‘offer’ that needs to be put together. A publisher needs to be paid through the affiliate network via a cost per sale / enquiry / application deal. For example, we might say that an online retailer is prepared to offer a £20 cost per sale commission on all clothing sales any publisher pushes through to them. If any given publisher from an affiliate network sells 5 garments, then the online retailer would pay £100 to that publisher. In addition to this, the affiliate network would take a percentage of the sale as their fee, so this needs to be built in the ‘offer’ in the first place. In summary, running an affiliate campaign is the equivalent of having an online sales force working on a commission only model excellent for an e-commerce site.

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