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Yahoo adds tighter quality measuring tools

Yahoo adds tighter quality measuring tools

Reggie Davis, Vice President of Yahoo! Network Quality has commented on the recent measures added to increase the quality traffic. Reggie comments -

For you, the advertiser, this means qualified clicks from users most likely to become customers. As a part of our ongoing effort to improve the quality of the network and your traffic, we have undertaken several initiatives.

The newest of these is a feature called "Blocked Domains," which allows you to specify certain sites in our partner distribution network on which you do not want your ads to appear.

The new Blocked Domains feature, which launches later this month, is just the latest among several initiatives we are undertaking in order to in order to provide increased value. Others include:

Discounts - You may automatically receive pricing discounts based on our assessment of the quality of traffic coming from our partner distribution network.

Click protection - We have installed a system to track and identify clicks that we believe shouldn’t be billed to our advertisers.

Intercontinental traffic control - "Blocked Continents," a recent enhancement, automatically excludes traffic from continents other than North America. If intercontinental traffic is important to your business, however, you can easily change this setting by going into your Administration tab and clicking "Account General Information."

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